On Self Image

When I left for the Dominican Republic three weeks ago I didn’t think I was looking my best. In my head I wasn’t lean enough, I didn’t look good enough. The words, “I feel self-conscious” even came out of my mouth when our plane landed in the hot sun.

Still I put on my bikini and walked down to the gorgeous white sandy beach in front of our resort.

The first thing I noticed on this beach  was women of ALL ages, shapes and sizes confidently walking, swimming and tanning in bikinis much smaller than my own (and to tell you the truth…none of my bikini bottoms cover much of my bum!). I admired their confidence and their love for their body at its current shape.

Even elderly women were walking the beach in thong bikinis!

I feel like we are missing something in North America! Everywhere else in the world, women are proud of their body no matter what size it is, while we tend to cover up and shy away from showing off what we should love.

Somewhere during the trip I decided to just enjoy myself and my bikini bottoms that barely cover my tush. I knew that I would be pissed in ten years if I didn’t enjoy my body as it is now!


I saw this picture (right) that was taken of me just before we left the Dominican to return home and I suddenly thought, “Wow…you actually look great!” and I decided I am allowed to feel proud of being healthy, strong and fit. I should be and am proud of my body.

This is not a post to gain compliments. I just wanted to share that even if you don’t think your body is what society deems perfect, that there is someone (probably many people) admiring you.

I certainly admired the love those women on the beach showed for their own bodies and I hope we can all be as confident as them!


2 thoughts on “On Self Image

  1. Christine Lovelace

    Well said Meaghan! I admire you and your healthy way of life. You live life to its absolute fullest. Cheers my friend.


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