Easy Flour-free Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes?

I don’t!

Let me rephrase: My gastrointestinal tract does not love traditional pancakes. We do not need to go into details!

I have experimented with many different pancakes over the years: oatmeal pancakes, protein powder pancakes, gluten free flour pancakes, etc. All are ok, but mostly just a great vessel for eating nut butter, berries and pure Canadian maple syrup!

Recently, I discovered the easiest and one of the most tasty pancake recipes! It only has three ingredients, contains no flour and most importantly holds together so you can still layer on your favourite toppings!

In the Arctic we have a significant amount of overripe bananas, which is perfect for making this pancake recipe!

My great friend Rebecca recently posted this recipe on her website after I shared it with her. Find it here:

One Year Without – Meaghan’s Banana Pancakes

Make sure to follow Rebecca and her family as they spend a year without sugar or processed foods. She posts amazing articles about the effects of excess sugar and shares some delicious recipes!

But first, let’s eat pancakes!

Let me know what you think.


Eat Clean and Enjoy!




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