What do YOU eat?

I get asked a lot about what I eat or what my thoughts are about what to eat and when to eat it. Man…there are so much conflicting information out there. I 100% understand how people can get confused. Here are some things I see daily:

  • eat breakfast, don’t eat breakfast
  • eat egg whites only, eat the whole egg, don’t eat eggs at all
  • eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat any white carbs
  • don’t eat fruit because it’s fattening (I hate that this is out there!)
  • eat snacks, don’t eat snacks, snack only on almonds
  • eat gluten free and dairy free to lose weight
  • don’t eat past 6 or 7pm, and if you do it better not be a damn carb!
  • …and on and on and on….

I like to experiment with nutrition and workouts. I think it’s fun and I like to see how my body and energy levels respond. I’ve tried carb cycling, intermittent fasting, low carbohydrate, high protein and fat, etc. I find I have the most energy and feel my absolute best when I have meals consisting of protein (usually meat or eggs), lots of veggies and fruit and a healthy fat (avocado or coconut oil usually). I do eat complex carbs also, but usually around my workouts, which I’ll explain. This DOES NOT mean you have to eat this way. It’s just how I, personally, feel my best.

Please realize all of this info is my educated opinion. You don’t have to agree with me and if you have comments I would love to talk about your views on the matter!

Here are my Rules:

1. I eat when I’m HUNGRY! I stop eating when I’m satisfied, not over stuffed. Yes, I sometimes eat too much and am super full. I DON’T follow rules like, “eat 6 small meals a day”, “eat within 20 minutes of waking up and within 30 minutes of your workout”, or “don’t eat past 7pm at night”. If I’m starving at 8am or 8pm, I’m sure as hell going to eat something or I will be bitchy to anyone in my path. If I stay full from three meals a day, then I’m good. If I eat six small meals one day, then great. I eat when I’m hungry…period.


2. I eat CLEAN (90% of the time). I very rarely buy anything that is prepackaged, unless I’m not feeling well, then I may buy a can of soup. When I go to the grocery store this is what I normally buy: asparagus, peppers, cuke, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, apples, bananas, frozen berries, avocado, chicken breasts, eggs, ground turkey or beef, cans of tuna, steaks, salmon (although I normally steal that from my dad’s freezer) , rice milk, yams, quiona, rice. At home I have spices, coconut oil, rice protein powder, coffee and honey. And that’s pretty much it! I cook, bbq, make salads or shakes. I’m honestly pretty boring and don’t love cooking and strongly dislike baking.

10% of the time I have a treat, like an oat fudge bar from starbucks, or a bag of mini eggs or m&m’s, pepperoni or chinese food. I like going out for drinks with friends and also love yam fries.

I’m a firm believer that if you can’t pronounce ingredients on a food label that it’s probably not great. I believe that calories should come from good food and if you have all your calories from pop, booze and junk food you’re going to have a gut. I’m a busy person and still have time to eat clean, so please don’t use the excuse of not having time. I bet your 8:00pm tv show can be PVR’d to prepare food for the next day.

I don’t eat gluten, dairy, nuts or seeds right now because it upsets my stomach, not because I think it’s “bad for you”. I don’t miss dairy much at all, but honestly, I’d love to have a sandwich sometimes!

3. Gluten free doesn’t mean Healthy. Have you read the labels of some gluten free products? Such as gluten free pasta, baked goods, etc. Does it have more sugar or calories than the same product that has gluten? Is it highly processed still? If you’re going gluten free because you think it’s going to help you lose weight, you might want to have a look at things. Eating UNPROCESSED, clean foods, is going to help you more than just having a gluten free product.

4. If you HATE it, don’t eat it. I hate olives, so I don’t eat them. They’re probably great for me, but I honestly don’t care! haha

5. My Workout nutrition. Again this is my opinion and how I feel best. I eat my complex carbs (eg. yams, rice, potatoes) BEFORE and AFTER I do a strength training workout. I eat some before to give me more energy to lift heavy and I eat a lot more after to aid in my recovery and help with replacing lost glycogen. I know people who eat complex carbs only in the morning..great! Doesn’t do it for me! I have the most energy when I have steak, asparagus and avocado for breakfast…no joke. On days that I don’t strength train I tend to eat less complex carbs, but I don’t always cut them out. Again…I listen to my body and eat how I feel.

6. Fruit doesn’t make you fat. Do you know anyone who has gotten fat on eating fruit? Maybe from having ice cream and chocolate sauce under the fruit! Having some fruit salad every day is not a bad thing. I do realize if you’re cutting weight for some sort of physique contest or event, then you take fruit out because it has a lot of sugar. But I don’t think the general population should.

My other personal opinions ( you don’t have to follow them)
– life’s too short to not have something you LOVE. I love chocolate: dark, milk, inside candy coating. Do you think I’m going to deny myself that forever? Not a chance. But I don’t have it every day. Even if your favorite meal or drink may be bad for you, have it once in and while…it most likely won’t kill you!
– I enjoy eating meat. Doesn’t mean I think vegan or vegetarian lifestyles are bad. Just make sure you get enough protein and don’t stuff yourself full of pasta and grains at each meal.
– muffins are like eating a piece of cake and bagels are like eating 3-4 slices of bread. Be careful!

That’s all! I’m simple and I like it that way! Figure out what works for you.

Eat Clean!


2 thoughts on “What do YOU eat?

  1. Stefan Iwasawa

    Hey Meg,

    Love this post and really got a lot out of it. We’ve been doing something similar at the grocery store and have cut out 99% of our dairy (damn you old chedder goodness!!)


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